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Our team is well-prepared with harnesses and lifelines for safe access to most two-story buildings. With many team members having backgrounds as roof tilers, working on two-story residential homes is a routine task for us.

For larger industrial and commercial structures, we’re equipped to set up anchor points for securing our lifelines. Additionally, we have the capability to deploy elevated work platforms when necessary to ensure comprehensive and safe gutter cleaning on larger buildings.

Multi-Level Gutter Cleaning, Hi-Lo Vacuum Gutter Cleaning
Multi-Level Gutter Cleaning, Hi-Lo Vacuum Gutter Cleaning
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For roofs that are too risky to access, regardless of training or safety equipment, Hi-Lo Gutter Cleaning employs a specialised ground worker’s kit. This enables us to effectively vacuum clean gutters from the ground, safely managing up to three stories high. This method is also useful for smaller structures like garden sheds or patios, where roof access is impractical despite their low height. This approach ensures safety and efficiency in maintaining gutters in challenging situations.

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Multi-Level Gutter Cleaning, Hi-Lo Vacuum Gutter Cleaning

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Multi-Level Gutter Cleaning, Hi-Lo Vacuum Gutter Cleaning
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We offer both one-time and regular maintenance schedules tailored to our clients’ needs and unique circumstances. Understanding the inherent risks of cleaning gutters at height, such as possible falls or debris hazards, we adhere to the highest safety standards and best practices in the industry. This approach ensures the well-being of our technicians and the protection of your property. Having the latest innovative technology also ensures we can reach hard to access areas and leave no mess. Our clients also enjoy added security and confidence through our comprehensive insurance coverage and a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every service.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about multi-story gutter cleaning services and our high-tech vacuum cleaning system below.

Safety is paramount in multi-story gutter cleaning. We use specialized equipment, including harnesses, lifelines, and, for particularly high or risky areas, ground worker’s kits that allow for cleaning from the ground. Our staff is trained to adhere to strict safety protocols and industry best practices. For extremely high buildings, we may use elevated work platforms. This comprehensive approach ensures the safety of both our technicians and your property.

Yes, with the right equipment. For buildings up to three stories high, our ground worker’s kit allows us to effectively vacuum clean gutters from the ground. This method is particularly useful for buildings where roof access is hazardous or impossible. It ensures a thorough clean, removing debris, leaves, and blockages efficiently without compromising on safety.

While we are equipped to handle most multi-story gutter cleaning scenarios, certain extreme conditions or architectural features might pose challenges. For example, excessively steep or unstable roofs may limit direct access, requiring alternative methods like our ground-based cleaning. We assess each situation on a case-by-case basis to determine the most effective and safe approach for gutter cleaning.